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Adult Social Care precept

The Adult Social Care (ASC) precept was introduced by the government in 2016/17 allowing those councils which provide social care to adults to increase their share of council tax.

Adult Social Care services support some of the most vulnerable members of our communities, largely supporting those in old age and adults with disabilities. Due to an ageing population demand on adult services has significantly increased pressure on the council's budget. The extra council tax income raised by the ASC precept therefore helps to reduce this financial pressure.

In 2021/22 Government allowed council with adult social care responsibilities to increase their adult social care precept by a maximum of 3%. Lancashire County Council chose to raise the adult social care precept by 2%, opting to defer the remaining 1% increase into 2022/23. For 2022/23 councils were again allowed to increase their adult social care precept by a further 1% plus any deferred percentage from 2021/22. For 2022/23, therefore, Lancashire County Council has increased its adult social care precept by 2%, comprising the 1% announced by Government for 2022/23 plus the 1% deferred from 2021/22.

The table below shows how much additional income is generated by the adult social care precept.

Adult Social Care precept
% increase2%2%3%1%2%2%2%
Raising additional income£7.887m£8.353m£13.251m£4.750m£9.993m£10.390m£10.984


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