Why is it important?

Retrofit is the term that is used to describe all the work that is required to install or improve features on an existing house / building to make it more energy efficient.

In South Ribble, buildings are our greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 49% of emissions. 

By retrofitting our homes, we will make a large difference in reducing our carbon footprint. 

In the long term retrofitted homes should be cheaper to run, better protected against energy price increases and require less energy to heat. Ultimately, it will reduce fuel poverty and increase our resilience to Climate Change.

Warm homes are healthier places to live, as cold homes can worsen existing health conditions and, in some cases, can cause new ones.

Retrofitting can increase the value of a property, improve its thermal comfort during very hot or cold periods and save money on energy bills. Retrofitting homes will also reduce the overall need for fossil fuel use across the Borough, as homes will have lower energy demands and / or renewable energy sources installed.